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peleliu yellow wall by K. Davidson

Location: Southeast side of peleliu Island, northeast of peleliu Express.
Distance from Koror: 36 miles (58 kilometers) from Koror, 60 to 70 minutes by speedboat.
Visibility: 40 to 120 feet (13 to 40 meters).
Level of Diving Experience: Intermediate to Advanced.
Diving Depth Summary: 40 to 120 feet (13 to 40 meters).
Currents: The current that runs along the eastern side of the island can be unpredictable, but it usually runs in a southerly direction. Your dive guide will make the best decision as to where to start the dive.

General Information: Dive site is named Yellow Wall after the golden yellow tube corals (Tubastraea faulkneri) that cover the wall along this area of the reef. Yellow Wall is located Photo by Peter Langenortheast to Peleliu Expressway.

Reef Formation: The reef wall has number of crevices, arches and small caverns to explore during the dive. Aside from the yellow tube corals the reef has an abundance of hard corals and colorful soft corals.

Marine life: The reef is noted for its colorful yellow corals, but the reef also abounds with fish life. Schools of jacks, snappers, Red-Toothed Triggerfish, Anthias and yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish can be found along the edge of the reef. If the current is running sharks, tuna and other large pelagic fish can be seen. The top of the reef abounds with Sweetlips, Emperors, wrasse, groupers and eels. Keep alert for turtles; turtles like to eat the yellow tube corals.

Diving: The dive boat will usually drop the divers at the northern end Honeymoon Beach. The divers will drift south towards the Express. There are many areas to explore along the side of the reef. If the current is too strong, the coral gardens along the top of the reef is worth exploring.

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