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Fish 'n Fins - About Us

Tova and Navot Bornovski, owners and operators of Fish ‘n Fins, and Ocean Hunter liveaboards welcome you to Palau. It will be our pleasure to assist you broaden your knowledge of Palau, prepare your trip of a lifetime and host you here as our personal guests, for diving, exploring the islands and relaxing. Our international, professional and friendly staff will be here to assist us in hosting and looking after you whilst you are in Palau.

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About Tova and Navot, your hosts in Palau

Tova and Navot Bornovski bring decades of dive experience to the diving industry in Palau. This intrepid couple traversed the seas on a four and a half year around-the-world sailing trip in the ‘80s and fell in love with Palau. They began to work on the first liveaboard to dive Palau, the highly acclaimed Sun-Tamarin. Tova and Navot worked as cook and divemaster, respectively, from 1986 to 1987, deepening their bond with Palau and diving. In 1993 after Navot had graduated as a Naval Architect and Mechanical Engineer in Israel, the Bornovskis returned to Palau, alongside friend Francis “Mr. Dive Palau” Toribiong. This time the Bornovskis crossed the Pacific in their newly- remodeled luxurious liveaboard, the Ocean Hunter, accompanied by their children Yarden (4) and Udi (3) at the time. Ever since, the Ocean Hunter has had a happy home in Palau, joined by Bornovski children Liam and Gayle, born in Palau. In 1998, Tova and Navot took over Fish ‘n Fins and have run the shop as a family business. They have developed a 5 star, 21st century dive center for divers and explorersNavot alike. Tova and Navot at the Fish 'n Fins helm have contributed their expertise and services to numerous projects in Palau, including research expeditions, articles and movies (Skin Diver, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC), and conservation efforts. They founded the Micronesian Shark Foundation in conjunction with an annual Shark Week festival at Fish ‘n Fins, aimed at gathering research and raising awareness to protect sharks throughout Micronesia. In 2000, Navot led a crew of technical divers in the discovery of the USS Perry, the only US shipwreck in Palau, continuing Fish ‘n Fins tradition of pioneering the waters of Palau.

Photos: Tova and Navot 2008 (upper right), Tova underwater (left center), Navot during a rebreather expedition in Palau (left lower), Yarden (5) and Udi (4) on a deserted island in the pacific while sailing Ocean Hunter to Palau 1993.





Photos above: (right)1986 San Tamarin's first crew in Palau: Avi, Orly, Tova and Navot. (center) Palau 1986 Aboard the San Tamarin-Avi Klappfer and Navot, (left) 1993, Friends on Yap farewell Ocean Hunter and crew good bye before sailing to Palau 1993.