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Fish 'n Fins - Rental Equipment

If you rent gear from the Fish 'n Fins Pro Shop for a period of 7 days or more, you will get a 20% discount off our normal per day prices. Alternatively you can purchase any needed equipment from the Pro Shop - we are an Aqualung dealer and all rental equipment is fully serviced and less than one year old.

If you would like to rent something you donĀ“t see on the list below, just ask us and we can arrange it!

Gear Prices:

Gear Rental Package:
(Incl. BCD, Regulator, Mask & Snkl, Fins, Dive Computer & Wetsuit)
$75.00 pp/day

BCD - Aqua Lung, US Divers, Sea Quest:
$20.00 pp/day

Regulator - Aqua Lung:
(Incl. octopus, pressure gauge and depth gauge)
$20.00 pp/day

$7.00 pp/day Photo by Steve Wiles

Mask and Snorkel:
$7.00 pp/day

$7.00 pp/day

UW LED Flashlight (including batteries):
$20.00 pp/day

$15.00 pp/day

SUUNTO Dive Computer (Air and NITROX):
$20.00 pp/day

** Personal pony tanks and SPARE AIR refills are FREE!
****20% discount for 7 days rental and more.