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Sunday, 11 November 2018 08:14

Shark Conservation with Fish 'n Fins Palau

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Tova Bornovski speaking about Shark Conservation Tova Bornovski speaking about Shark Conservation D. Kudler

A couple of days ago, at our Barracuda Restaurant, Tova gave one of her famous Shark Presentations to a group of guests who were very interested with the work of the Micronesian Shark Foundation, an organization founded by Tova & Navot Bornovski and members of the Fish ’n Fins staff.

Our guests, a group of snorkelers from USA, were in a very good mood as earlier that day they had encountered a group of 10 manta rays looping right under them for as long as 40 minutes, posing for their cameras, completely ignoring their presence.

The snorkelers  were enthusiastically talking about the event, sharing GoPro footage and photos.

Once dinner was served our group of snorkelers had finally time to sit back and listen to Tova’s speech. Tova’s presentation took our guests through the history and achievements of the Micronesian Shark Foundation, emphasized the importance of educating kids on shark conservation issues and finally introduced Tova’s current project, the very ambitious  undertaking to protect Oceanic Sharks around Palau.

People were so impressed by Tova’s past and present conservation efforts, they interrupted her speech several times with applause.

The presentation ended around 8:00 pm, our guests stayed around for more drinks, talked to Tova and enjoyed each others company.

Tova invited them to take home Coloring Books for Adults to remember the Micronesian Shark Foundation by, a gesture highly appreciated by our guests.

Shark Conservation evening, Nov. 3, 2018
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Shark conservation evening

Tova with one of the children's books the Micronesian Shark Foundation has created

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Shark conservation evening

Guests sharing manta ray footage of the day - 10 mantas for 40 minutes :-)

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Shark conservation evening

Our guests @Barracuda Restaurant enjoying food and presentation ...

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Dieter Kudler

Dieter Kudler is the latest addition to the Fish ’n Fins & Ocean Hunter management team, he joined in October 2018. Before working with Fish ’n Fins Dieter enjoyed a career as Hospitality General Manager, he led for 12 years leisure resorts in Fiji and Micronesia. He is an experienced recreational & technical diver, since 2011 SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor & SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Diver. Dieter is further more an award winning underwater photographer. Connect with Dieter on Facebook.

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