Welcome to Turtle Wall, a dive site located in the stunning waters of Palau! This site is a part of the vertical wall that runs along the entire length of Ngemelis Island, known as Ngemelis Wall. At Turtle Wall, you will have the unique opportunity to dive among an abundance of turtles - it's no wonder this dive site lives up to its name!

As a novice diver, you'll find the dive depth ideal between 40 and 60 feet (13 and 20 meters) with a visibility of 50 to 100 feet (17 to 33 meters) depending on the direction of the tides. The currents at Turtle Wall can be unpredictable, but they are usually not strong. The reef formation starts just a few feet from the surface, and at extreme low tides, the entire top of the reef is exposed. The reef is incredibly deep, descending to over 900 feet (300 meters).

While diving at Turtle Wall, you'll be surrounded by an array of marine life. Turtles are the main attraction here, and you'll be able to observe them swimming, eating, sleeping, and sometimes even mating. The abundance of turtles is due to the fact that Turtle Wall is located on either side of the two busiest dive sites in Palau waters: New Drop Off and Big Drop Off. The turtles have migrated to this area of the reef to avoid contact with divers. You'll also encounter a variety of colorful fish species, such as Pyramid Butterflyfish, Square Anthias, Moorish Idols, Yellowtail Fusiliers, snappers, Blueface, Regal, and Emperor Angelfish.

underwater photo of a hawksbill sea turtle sitting on hard corals and a diver in the background

To start your dive, the guide will choose a spot along the wall depending on the current. This wall is so breathtaking that you should experience it at least once in both directions. Drift with the current at a depth of 40-60 feet (13-20 m), and if the current changes direction, simply pick another depth and continue back in the direction you started from. Make sure to move slowly to avoid missing any sleeping turtles. Sea fans of all sizes protrude from the wall and make excellent backgrounds for spectacular photo and video shots. Soft corals with vibrant colors ranging from deep violet to hot pink are visible everywhere. During your safety stop, drift along the top edge of the reef and enjoy the colorful reef fish darting in and out of the coral heads.

It's important to take caution when surfacing at Turtle Wall due to its location in the path of the main waterway to and from Blue Corner and the Ngemelis Reef system. Be sure to use a safety sausage to alert boat drivers of your position.

Intriguingly, the male turtle has a noticeable tail while the female has no visible tail. Don't miss the opportunity to dive among these magnificent creatures and experience the beauty of Turtle Wall in Palau!