Palau Adventures

Palau Island Adventures
Float into fun
Discover the thrill of outdoor exploration today!
Nikko Bay Adventure
starts at $159.50
Cultural & Adventure Tours
Discover Lost Treasures at WREXPEDITION.
Kayaking & Culture
starts at $217.00
Discover Palau's wild heartland
Dive for a Cause, Join Shark Week Palau Fun!
Culture & Adventure Tour
starts at $126.50
Fly high, explore Palau's beauty!
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Free Hotel Shuttle
Amazing Sightseeing Flights
starts at $209.00
Snorkel Jellyfish Lake & Reef
Dive into Palau's aquatic wonderland!
Snorkeling & Jellyfish Lake
starts at $137.50
Immerse in Palau's tribal traditions
Customize Your Dive Adventure with Ease.
Culture & Adventure Tour
starts at $55.00
Relive History, Explore Paradise
WW2 Tours in Palau's Battlefields
Travel Back in Time
starts at $126.50
Taste the local flavors at Night Market in Palau
Spend an evening at a great Event
680 Night Market
Come by Taxi
Reviving beauty from discarded glass
Discover the Night's Secrets, Black Water & Fluo Dive.
Culture & Adventure Tour
starts at $65.00


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