Welcome to Turtle Cove, one of Palau's premier dive sites, located on the southwestern reefs of Ngercheu Island, just 24 miles (40 kilometers) from Koror. As the name suggests, Turtle Cove is known for its majestic marine turtles, which used to lay their eggs on the beautiful beach of Ngercheu Island. Although you may not see turtles during your dive, you will discover an incredible variety of marine life and stunning underwater formations.

Turtle Cove is a great dive spot for novice divers, with a maximum depth of 90 feet (30 meters) and no strong currents to contend with. The visibility is usually excellent, ranging from 50 to 100 feet (17 to 35 meters), making it an ideal location for capturing stunning underwater photographs.

One of the highlights of Turtle Cove is the mini blue hole that sits atop the reef, measuring 15 by 9 feet (5 by 3 meters), which forms a large cavern. Descending through the blue hole, you'll find yourself surrounded by an array of marine life, including schools of Big Eye Jacks, snappers, Pyramid Butterflyfish, Anthias, Moorish Idols, and Yellowtail Fusiliers. As you explore the reef wall, you'll discover numerous small caves, arches, and ledges, all waiting to be explored.

As you continue along the wall, keep an eye out for Grey Reef Sharks cruising along the top of the reef, and for White Tip Sharks and Leopard Sharks resting in the sandy run-off at the mouth of the blue hole exit. Blueface, Regal, and Emperor Angelfish are plentiful along the edge and on top of the reef, providing a beautiful backdrop to your dive.

underwater photo of a diver face to face with a green sea turtle in Palau

Diving at Turtle Cove is straightforward, with a mooring buoy marking the top of the reef. Descending through the mini blue hole, you'll make your way along the wall, exploring the numerous small caves and ledges, before ascending to the plateau at 40 feet (13 meters) at the corner of the reef. If the current is strong, you may want to attach your reef hook to a rock to ensure your safety.

At the end of your dive, you'll drift across the top of the plateau into the blue water, making it easy for the boat driver to pick you up. During your dive, listen for the sound of boats passing by and overhead when snorkeling or diving. Take caution before surfacing, and use a safety sausage to alert boat drivers to your position.

In conclusion, Turtle Cove is a captivating dive site that is perfect for novice divers looking for an unforgettable underwater adventure. With its stunning marine life and unique underwater formations, Turtle Cove is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, what are you waiting for? Book your diving trip today and discover the wonders of Turtle Cove.