20th Annual Shark Week Palau 2022

Shark Week Palau 2022

Take part in our 20th annual SHARK WEEK PALAU visit us from February 27 to March 06, 2022

This annual event is organized in collaboration with the Micronesian Shark Foundation, a non-profit organization in Palau. The Micronesian Shark Foundation was founded by Fish’n Fins’ directors Navot & Tova Bornovski and some of our employees. SHARK DIVING One week of daily shark diving, great evening events, fantastic food from our Barracuda restaurant, and of course lots of fun.

If you're a shark fan, Shark Week Palau is for you!

As part of SHARK WEEK PALAU, we will dive Blue Corner early in the morning to watch the awakening marine life and behavior of sharks at dawn. The dive sites in Peleliu offer the opportunity to observe different shark species in a stronger current. We bring you to new dive sites that our team has explored and that are presented to our divers for the first time. At Siaes Corner we can watch schools of young sharks. In 2019 and 2020 we saw over 100 young animals in a single school. The early morning dive at Ulong is spectacular, where you can watch thousands of fish spawning and of course sharks hunting. German Channel is also a dive which should not be missed - at this site, we observe reef sharks at cleaning stations and of course other Elasmo branches, manta rays, which congregate in abundance there.

After-Diving • Seminars • Video competition • Feasting Every evening we meet for fascinating lectures and seminars and enjoy some of our homemade shark bread.

In 2021 we’ll invite all Shark Week Palau participants to take part in a short video competition which will be awarded great prizes - from GoPro to PRO camera, everyone has the same chance. At the end of SHARK WEEK PALAU 2021, we’ll organize as usual a gala night with a festive Palauan buffet, where you can meet local conservationists. We also present the SHARK WEEK PALAU 2021 video and crown the winner of the short video competition.