Welcome to Yellow Wall, one of the most popular and exciting dive sites in Palau! Located on the southeast side of Peleliu Island, Yellow Wall is an incredible reef formation that boasts a vibrant and diverse array of marine life. As an expert dive shop, we highly recommend this dive site for intermediate to advanced divers looking for a thrilling and unforgettable underwater adventure.

The reef wall at Yellow Wall is covered in stunning golden yellow tube corals, known as Tubastraea faulkneri. These beautiful corals give the dive site its name and are a true highlight of the experience. But that's not all - the reef is also home to an abundance of hard and soft corals, as well as a vast array of marine life.

As you explore the reef wall, you'll discover numerous crevices, arches, and small caverns that are just waiting to be explored. The top of the reef is teeming with Sweetlips, Emperors, wrasse, groupers, and eels, while schools of jacks, snappers, Red-Toothed Triggerfish, Anthias, and yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish can be found along the edge of the reef. And if you're lucky, you may even spot some turtles munching on the yellow tube corals!

For those who love large pelagic fish, Yellow Wall is the perfect dive site. If the current is running, you may catch a glimpse of sharks, tuna, and other large fish cruising along the reef. And if the current is too strong, you can explore the coral gardens along the top of the reef, which are equally as fascinating and beautiful.

underwater photo of a rabbit fish sitting in a hole in the reef in Palau

Diving at Yellow Wall is an incredible experience that is not to be missed. The dive boat will usually drop you off at the northern end of Honeymoon Beach, where you will drift south towards the Express. Your dive guide will make the best decision as to where to start the dive based on the current conditions. With visibility ranging from 40 to 120 feet (13 to 40 meters), you'll have ample opportunity to take in the breathtaking beauty of this underwater wonderland.

As an intermediate to advanced diver, you'll appreciate the challenge and excitement of exploring Yellow Wall. The current that runs along the eastern side of the island can be unpredictable, but our experienced dive guides will ensure your safety and help you make the most of your dive.

Overall, Yellow Wall is an exceptional dive site that offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore Palau's incredible underwater world. From the vibrant golden yellow tube corals to the incredible array of marine life, this dive site is sure to leave a lasting impression on even the most experienced divers. So why wait? Book your dive with us today and experience the wonder of Yellow Wall for yourself!