Welcome to Peleliu Expressway, a thrilling dive site located on the southern reef of Peleliu Island in Palau. With its strong currents and diverse marine life, this site is a must-see for experienced and advanced divers.

At a distance of 35 miles (56 kilometers) from Koror, Peleliu Expressway can be reached by speedboat in 75-90 minutes. The visibility at this site is breathtaking, with 120+ feet (40+ m) during incoming tides and 90 to 120 feet (30 to 40 m) during outgoing tides.

It's important to note that the currents at Peleliu Expressway can be unpredictable and change direction without notice. While incoming tides flow to the northeast, outgoing tides flow to the southwest, creating an 'expressway' effect. During full and new moons, the currents are more severe, and divers should exercise caution when attempting this dive during these periods. For more information on Palau's tidal patterns, check out the Blue Corner tide and current section.

The reef formation at Peleliu Expressway consists of a vertical wall running parallel to the southern tip of Peleliu Island on the eastern side. The wall drops from 20 to 120 feet (7 to 40 meters) and is covered with hard corals and rock rubble. At approximately 100 to 120 feet (33 to 40 meters), the reef forms a plateau before dropping off again thousands of feet.

underwater photo of a gray reef shark in blue water in Palau

But what makes Peleliu Expressway truly special is its diverse marine life. The strong currents at this point attract pelagic creatures like Blue Marlins, Sailfish, Whale Sharks, Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, and Orcas. Divers can also expect to see sharks, barracuda, rays, turtles, giant groupers, and Napoleon Wrasse. Schools of Oriental Sweetlips, Palette Surgeonfish, and Rainbow Runners are also permanent residents of the site.

To begin your dive at Peleliu Expressway, your boat will drop you off in front of the sandy lagoon east of the Japanese WWII Monument. You'll drop down to the top of the reef, which is between 20 and 30 feet (7 to 10 meters) deep, and explore the canyons and crevices that cut across the top of the reef. Once you drop over the edge of the reef, you'll follow the wall to 75 to 85 feet (25 to 28 meters), keeping it on your right. During strong outgoing currents, you'll fly along the wall toward the corner, where the reef wall drops away to 90 feet (30 m).

At this point, it's essential to stay alert and keep your dive guide in sight, as strong currents can cause down currents that can shoot divers down and toward the end of the reef. If you find yourself caught in this type of current, stay calm, swim away from the wall, and ascend slowly. The only way to avoid this type of current is to stay above the plateau and not go all the way to the corner. Safety Sausages are mandatory equipment on this dive, and reef hooks are a must-have for photographers to prevent damage to the reef.

In conclusion, Peleliu Expressway is a challenging yet rewarding dive site that should be on every experienced and advanced diver's bucket list. With its unpredictable currents, diverse marine life, and fascinating reef formation, this site promises a unique and unforgettable underwater adventure. Book your dive with us today and experience the thrill of Peleliu Expressway!